Oxcroft Lane & Longlands

Bolsover Allotment Association welcomes you to the allotment site on Oxcroft Lane and Longlands, Bolsover.  To our virtual site that is!  Our actual allotment site in Bolsover is on Oxcroft Lane & Longlands, only minutes from the town centre but a world away from the hustle and bustle.  

We are always keen to welcome visitors - or better still - potential new plotters, so if you are keen to check out what allotment life is like please come along and see us.

The allotments are administered by Old Bolsover Town Council and they will be able to give you the up to date situation as regards vacancies.  Their office is situated on Cotton Street, Bolsover.

A few photos ...
  • Sale of produce

  • Bountiful plot!

  • Pumpkin crop!

  • Raised bed

Oxcroft Lane & Longlands Allotments - a beautiful place to grow
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